People of the Global Majority defeated Trump, and can defeat fascism too.

Roberto Mendoza
2 min readJan 16, 2021

Close the Camps rally in Lawton, OK, 2019

I have been warning about the rise of white supremacist groups and militias for some time now. We, People of the Global Majority are familiar with this kind of thinking, manifested in the constant killing of black men by militarized police. This country was founded on the genocide of Indigenous people and the slavery of black people. White supremacy is what Trump calls on constantly, with his attacks on Antifa and Black Lives Matter. The majority of white people voted for him and believe that the election was stolen from him. This has laid the groundwork for civil war, which may have finally begun in the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6.

What white allies/accomplists need to become aware of is that People of the Global Majority, along with white Democrats, voted Trump out of the Presidency and that they are on the front lines of the struggle against a fascist takeover of the government. And that Indigenous/communalist values are what are needed to begin what MLK, Jr. called for when he said, “We, as a nation, must undergo a radical revolution of values.” We can only accomplish this if progressive whites unite with and support radical People of the Global Majority in this struggle to stop fascism. Only then can we begin the transition to this paradigmatic shift from capitalism to communalism, as described by Murray Bookchin and practiced in Chiapas and Rojava. This struggle will last for decades, but must begin now.

I think that we need to eventually call for a rally of Progressive/Radical groups and people to spread these ideas in our city of Tulsa, OK. This would be our contribution to stopping the developing of the white supremacist led civil war. Every city in the country needs to respond to this crisis in similar fashion. It would be the beginning of a serious attempt to practice Radical Municipalism, as outlined in the ideas of the Symbiosis network:

Roberto Mendoza

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