My Radio Program on WMPG

Roberto Mendoza
9 min readMar 26

In 2008 I had a radio program in Portland, Maine. The Program Director interviewed me about my program. I was thinking of Indigenous values back then.

Volunteer Profile: Roberto Mendoza, Host of “Eagle, Quetzal, Condor”

Volunteer Roberto Mendoza hosts Eagle, Quetzal, Condor Monday mornings from 10:30am to noon each week on WMPG. He describes it as a show of news, music, and commentary from an indigenous perspective which covers the Western hemisphere. With this show Roberto seeks to generate renewed interest in indigenous values and to promote dialog between…

Roberto Mendoza

Native American/Chicano artist, screenwriter, filmmaker, writer, revolutionary. Living in L.A. Founded the group, Cooperation Tulsa. https://www.facebook.