"He is saying, out loud, to the leaders of the world — and to all of us, too — something truly, remarkably radical. We need a Global New Deal, or our civilization isn’t going to survive. And he just told us how to do it. That means a New Deal between corporations and people, a New Deal between humankind and nature, between poor and rich, among social classes and groups, and all that can only be driven by a level of collective action humanity has never practiced before. Hence, the need for cooperation at a history-breaking scale."

But Umair, your solutions are always top down, based on the fantasy of Capitalist world leaders somehow stepping out of their ingrained patterns of greed and individualism to actually cooperating in this so-called "Global New Deal". As Einstien pointed out, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Roosevelt created the New Deal after the Great Depression, not as a revolutionary change in Capitalism, but only as reforms that could save Capitalism. Umair conflates 'civilization' with Capitalism, because he has never really understood that Capitalism is the cause of this coming collapse and reforming it will not save us. "It requires deep structural reform" Guterres says also. But the solutions have to be revolutionary, starting with MLK's call for a "radical revolution of values". We need to ditch Capitalism's suicidal values and embrace Indigenous/Communalist values, as defined by myself and Murray Bookchin — and as practiced by the Zapatistas in Mexico and the Kurds in Rojava. The solutions are not reforms, but revolution— not top down, but from the bottom up. My solutions are here: https://robertomendoza.medium.com/so-many-stories-on-medium-and-other-publications-about-societal-collapse-230152f9c49d

And here: https://robertomendoza.medium.com/indigenous-vs-capitalist-values-f5068c7e7fa6

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Roberto Mendoza

Roberto Mendoza

Native American/Chicano artist, screenwriter, filmmaker, writer, revolutionary. Living in Tulsa, OK. Founded the group, Cooperation Tulsa. https://www.facebook.